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Sep 9, 2016 |
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The simple truth is when viewers feel at home they are more likely to make you an offer.  And now your house is up for sale here’s how to make that happen for you.

The easiest and most powerful way to help your viewers feel comfortable in your home is to conjure evocative memory sensations for them.  And we can help them fall in love with your home by helping them feel emotionally relaxed and comfortable long before they considerroom dimensions. 

We have 5 evocative memory sensations – sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.  Each sensation affects our mood and we react negatively or positively without even thinking about it. 

Properly staging your home stimulates your viewers through all their senses.  It is the strong subconscious mind that actually makes the decision long before the logical brain catches up.  And we can use those invisible channels to move them quickly to “Yes, I want to buy this house”. 

Here’s how to seduce your viewers as you take them on a sensory journey of your home…

Sight – Make It Easy on the Eyes

Your viewer’s eyes will seem to be on stalks, just as mine are when I’m staging homes.  What has faded into your background is likely to hit your viewer right between their eyes.  In that moment they’ll be turned on or turned off! 

Family pictures adorning your home are important to you, but sadly not to your potential buyer.  Your pictures are creating mental and visual chaos so much so your viewers simply can’t see their own pictures of their loved ones in your home. 

Your viewers want to see the space on offer and want to imagine their own family mementos in their potential new home. 

So just for the short time it will take to sell your home, I recommend you remove all your knickknacks and mementos from long distance travels and family holidays. 

This simple visual trick will help provide a fresh, clean, uncluttered palette so your potential buyer can see your home’s potential.  And, you’re helping them to imagine the space after they have moved in. 

Smell –Yuck it’s Really Bad!

Our sense of smell brings back our strongest memories.  So it’s vital to keep your home as neutral as possible. 

The most unpleasant smell that will put your viewer off in an instant (and it’s my pet hate too) is aerosol air fresheners.  Smell evokes the biggest emotional response and takes the fast route to your brain.  If something smells we are drawn to it and we simply cannot ignore it. 

And we can cleverly link smell and taste together.  Then, even after your viewer has left, the smell and taste of your home will linger on in their mind. 

Taste - Arguably the Most Difficult Sense to Tantalise

When house viewers are asked which house had the prettiest vase or even the beautiful display of flowers on the kitchen worktop, they don’t remember.  But give them something to taste and the memory stays in the mind for ever.  Taste and smell are very closely linked which helps to reinforce the memories deep into their subconscious. 

So the offer of a classy, sexy chocolate or nibbling pieces of fresh fruit will stay in their mind.  Even sipping the clichéd cup of freshly brewed coffee will effortlessly stimulate the right feelings. 

Maybe you’re looking for something refreshingly original?  Offer a glass of ice cold water.  The clink of the ice against the glass triggers sight and sound, the coolness of the clear, crisp water soothes the taste buds and water has a clean smell too and finally the sensitive pads of your viewers’ fingers will be holding the cold glass.  So something as simple as a glass of water is a full sensory experience and one they will always remember. 

Hearing–Maybe Not Silent?

Just for a moment purposefully listen to the sounds of your house.  What do you hear?  Drippy taps or squeaky floorboards?  The characterful sounds of your home you have learned to live with.  But to new ears those sounds are likely to be very annoying.  And, as soon as the auditory part of your viewer’s brain has been activated it will send a spike of negative emotion rushing through their body turning them off to any chances of ever liking your home.  So it’s time to do as much fixing as you can. 

Of course there are some noises you can’t control such as noisy neighbours and traffic sounds.  But, you can divert your viewer’s attention away from them by playing calming music creating a relaxed environment.  If you’re not sure what to play I recommend you head over to Buddha Bar.

Touch – Ban Sticky Fingers!

Your viewers are unlikely to walk around your home touching the walls, tiles and carpet to gauge their tactile appeal.  I do, but it’s my job to experience your home in full sensory detail.  However, somewhere on their journey their sense of touch will be triggered.

Maybe they will sit on your sofa or at the kitchen table.  Finger tips are experiencing our world using minute nerve endings and relaying back to our brain exactly what they feel.  And, in an instant experiencing pleasure or pain, and deciding whether it’s a safe haven or time to run. 

Touch is a key exploratory sense so make sure everything in your home feels fabulous and just how it should feel.  If a surface has a shiny mirror finish make sure it looks shiny and feels sleek and smooth as silk. 

Full Sensory Journey

When you welcome your viewer into your home remember you are taking them on a full sensory journey of your world.  Pause to let them create their mental movies and triggers.  Then they’ll reflect on the first class tour of their new home and you’ll hear “it’s sold!”



Creative Director Stage Home