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About Peter McFerran
Interior Designer

I was born into a family of carpenters, my father and grandfather were master cabinet makers, producing high end interiors for luxury liners, and bespoke joinery for some of the finest buildings in the UK.

From an early age, holidays from school etc, I was tasked with being ‘tea boy’ for the carpenters at the workshop, ‘graduating’ at the age of 15, to sharpening chisels and saws, an art in its self, and making wooden-plugs shaped like spitfire propellers, it was akin to peeling a mountain of spuds in the army. Eventually working alongside them, mastering the materials and gaining the knowledge that they possessed.....I am eternally grateful to them.

At 18, I met internationally renowned sculptor, Sean Rice. R.A. a graduate of the Royal Academy and the Rome Scholarship and Senior lecturer at Liverpool School of Fine Arts, I immediately enrolled at the Liverpool School of Fine Arts.

Sean became my tutor, friend and mentor. Through his tutorship I discovered materials such as bronze, marble, stone and metal, and the ancient methods and techniques of bronze casting. I continued exploring a wide range of materials, and their use in Fine Art, Interior Design and Architecture. I knew how things were made, but working with these materials was a wonderful discovery.

I graduated with a 1st in Fine Art Sculpture, with a final thesis The Italian Renaissance, and began a 15yr relationship as part time assistant to Sean, in his sculpture studio casting bronze, using the ancient art of the lost-wax technique. These sculptures now take prominent positions in private, corporate and public collections, both in the UK and world-wide.

I joined the BBC in 1983, as a full time designer and model maker. Working alongside directors and TV presenters, on BBC1 and BBC2 programmes, designing interiors and special effects, for studio and outside broadcasting, programmes as diverse as Dr Who (, The Open University (, and Carl Sagen’s Journey through the universe.

By 1989 I had come full circle, and landed back at where it all began, making things with my farther. Eager to take on a whole cornucopia of commissions, designing and manufacturing specialist Interiors and architectural joinery for private and corporate clients.

In 1990 I was invited to join the Royal Princes Trust, and opted-in on a voluntary basis, becoming a mentor, to support and work closely with emerging furniture designers, makers, and artisans.

After a difficult and demanding few years, my journey took me to the door of Harrison Kyng a 3rd generation Bon Shaman. He taught me Shen Dao, (the way of the spirit) Hopi Indian shamanic meditation. I have spent many years mastering this technique and have channeled those powerful meditative insights into my private and professional life.

I sit in two camps, with a heritage of unquestionable carpentry and traditional craftsmanship, the measure of this knowledge and my success, is the fact that I advise many Architects and Interior designers, on any problems with their proposed schemes for architectural joinery and bespoke interiors for their clients.

And then I put on my consultant designer hat..... as a freelance/independent designer I offer design and layout advice on how to get the very best from your space for your home or office.

Driven and passionate, I bring a foundation of knowledge to the client table, I have a multi-faceted career as a designer, craftsman and educator. Seamlessly integrating the understanding of manufacturing, to enhance the design process. Projects are a mixture of new, and refurbished residential, commercial, public and private spaces. I use hand sketching with analytical sensitivity, to synthesise the information, exploring design through craft and architecture. I enjoy drawing and designing even when not working, (something I totally believe in). I still get enthusiastic when seeing a client, and when you are armed with a sketchbook and pencil in hand, you’re allowed to think about anything.