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Are you interested in stretching your selling power?

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Yes you are faced with a market that is more competitive than ever. Improving a properties appeal by transforming it into an attractive and welcoming home that appeals to the widest possible audience has become the order of the day.

With banks less likely to offer credit, high employment rates, falling house prices and rising rent prices, investors are not forth coming as the boom years and first time buyers in particular have become an endangered species.

Buyers need to be able to mentally visualise themselves and their things living in your home rather than yours.

They’re paying a lot and expect a lot for their money.

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Love a bit of Cedar

I am currently designing the entire apartment of this 2 bedroom 60s style ex-council flat. A down-size for my client; it’s getting a complete overhaul.

The exciting thing for me is all the internal walls are non supportive, non structural, which ultimately means I can totally re-jig the entire layout of the space. Amazing spaces here we come! But wait a minute! The outside appearance look rather tired and out dated, step in, a little natural wood in the form of Cedar cladding boards, easily applied but gives the property a more bespoke look.

Much more appealing to the buyer.

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Same old, same old

I am sure these styles of kitchen are inherited; you just wouldn’t buy one would you, would you? Lots of people do it seems.

I name them ‘bland beech’ it’s not even real wood, just a photograph of wood. Selling a house with this in is a non starter. Beech used with a great considered design can be beautiful; sadly in this case it’s wasted.

What an update, makes you smile and want to stroke it.

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Pimping the Butlers Pantry

The butler’s pantry gets glossed. It’s a great space, lots of storage but so dark with the oak and the black worktops.

Just goes to show how dramatic a change can be made with just paint!

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Dining Room Goes Deep

This dining room suffered the same as most of it’s kind, hardly used except for the Sunday roast, full of stuff and clutter, a dumping ground.

It needed a style boost, to get the buyer to imagine how it should be used by the whole family.

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Throwing Grannies Headboard Out

Hold your horses!...don’t be trawling the high street to find the best deal, its under your nose.  This headboard is known as ‘brown furniture’ 40s 50s period, I see a lot of it, and usually on a skip, what a waste.

Its mid-century styling are certainly hard to ignore, with a little elbow grease, a bit of paint, new contrasting bedding and a couple of cushions, and saving you money.

It would sit nicely in any spare bedroom.

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The Cubby Hole

Everybody has one, give it a crafty makeover. Small it might be, but turned into a home office it becomes a super organized and a fully functional space.

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Take a Deep Breath and Look Up

Yes that’s a biggin, a 2 story fireplace wall. Don’t be scared that there is no 9’ ceiling, make the fireplace a major focal point when your buyer walks in.

Costs where kept down by applying MDF to the existing plasterboard.

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Stig of the Dump

I am always amazed why a seller does this, ‘let’s cover it up it will be ok’.

This is not a dress rehearsal; you’re trying to sell your home, for the best possible price.

The potential of this great little space is completely missed, especially when you have no back yard to speak of, so no private space for spending any time outside.

This will add value and maybe sell it.